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The French Revolution of 1789

Surprised   Don't panic! But you are about to learn about a dangerous time period!







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The French Revolution of 1789! 







Welcome to my world! I hope that this site will be a fun experience that will help educate people on my favorite event of World History! This was a big event in history and has remained a interesting page on the books! And in the words of Robespierre, my favorite person in the revolution...... 




The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.







"The French Revolution had opened an era of intense politicization. Perhaps the most significant characteristic of the dawning modern world, and in this respect it was a true child of Rousseau, was the tendency to relate everything to politics. In Latin America, every would-be plunderer or ambitious bandit now called himself a "a liberator"; murderers killed for freedom, thieves stole for the people."
Paul Johnson
"Modern Times"



In 1789, the French people revolted, and attacked the Bastille, an old national prison. The attack on the Bastille was the first event in the French Revolution! This revolution would be one of the bloodiest the world has ever seen. During the French Revolution the new goverment got rid of the monarchy, the Catholic church and even the christian calendar! Plus it would host executions for all people who were against the revolution at the guillotine!

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here are some websites:

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This is an excellent site with a lot of information! You can find alot about what you want to know about the French Revolution!



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This is a little more adultish, but it has some good info if you want to check it out!



Studying for a French Revolution test?

Here is the site from sparknotes! It has some terms and notes that may help you remember!


Hey! Did You Know.....

The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 to celebrate the 100th aniversary of Bastille Day!




The day the bastille fell is a national holiday in France! To find out more about Bastille Day or the Bastille itself visit these websites!









Here are a few cartoons Sorry but some of them are slanted.


For those of you who don't know this is Marat! He was a newspaper editor who had a lot of influence during the French Revolution! Chances were if you were mentioned in his newspaper you would probaly be known as a traitor to the republic! Before the revlution he got a painful skin disease from living in the sewers. This forced him to have to take long baths. Infourtunatly due to his open door policy he was murdered in the bathtub by a woman, but his legend never died! Instead of ending the revolution like she had hoped, He became a saint in the new republics religoin and she was executed at the guillotine!


Here is a cartoon of Marie Antionette! She is famous for a line she never said when the Revolution came to her front door! The story goes when thousands of peasant women gathered at eh palace gates and protested the high cost of bread, she scoffed and said

"Let them eat cake."Image

THe mob rushed into the palace, murdered the guards and tried to kill her! In the end the entire royal family was forced to leave their castle and move to Paris where the would eventually die! 

AND here's the king! (trumpets please!)



Louis XVI is considered a poor king because he never made quick desicions and was easily influenced. Because of this and his mistakes the monarchy started to go downhill and soon The French Revolution exploded, ending the monarchy and ultimently destroying the royal family. He would be executed a few months after it began and his wife would also be beheaded later. His son would also die in prison from lack of norishement and abuse.

Here is my favorite person in the Revolution... Robespierre. He was the leader of the Committee of Public Safety ( the party responsible for signing many deaths over to the guillotine.) He was a lawyer and a represenative of the General Estates before the revolution. During the revolution he was a famous political speaker. He was so loyal to the cause he became known as the "Incorruptable". However towards the end of the Revoluiton he is thought to have lost his mind with The Great Terror. During his last speech he was arrested. He tried to commit suicide but only shattered his jaw. Unable to speak he spent his last hours on the table of the Committee of Public Safety. Later he was guillotined. After his Death the revolution declined to almost nothing. This leader of the revolution would remain a figure of the revolution for all time to come. Below is a quote from one of his most famous speeches:
"...virtue without which terror is murderous, terror without which virtue is powerless. Terror is nothing else than swift, severe, indomitable justice; it flows, then, from virtue."



Here is a list of some good books to read about the subject!  Sometimes it's the best way to develop your own opinion! I will try to add more as it grows! They are in the order of my favorites!


#1: The Oxford History of the French Revolution by Doyle

#2: Voices of the French Revolution-

Richard Cobb, General Editor and Colin Jones editor

#3 The French Revolution in Social and Political Perspective

#4 Threshold of Terror by Rodney Allen

#5  Understanding the French Revolution  by Albert Soboul




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